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Looking for something special? Take a look at our exclusive selections of box sets from some of the biggest artists including Rihanna, Queen, Take That, Metallica and many more.

These box sets are packed with music, rare memorabilia and limited edition merchandise - only available from The Boxset Store.

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Pop Box Sets

Love pop? We have a fantastic collection of pop box sets for you. From the queen of soul, Dusty Springfield and the eccentric superstar, Lady Gaga – both ladies who have stormed the charts and are well and truly pop stars. To Girls Aloud – the biggest Brit girl band of the noughties achieving countless hits and selling well over a million albums.

The box sets from our pop collection are beautifully presented and packed with music and exclusives.

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Rock Box Sets

We have a huge selection of box sets from some of the greatest rock albums ever made. From Nirvana’s legendary album, Nevermind came a box set celebrating the 20th anniversary since its releases in 1991. To the iconic and influential album by The Who – Quadrophenia which is still hugely significant in popular culture, influencing many other artists, musicians and film-makers.

These box sets gives a unique insight into the creation of these landmark albums with photographs, demos, memorabilia and other exclusive material.

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We have lots of offers at the moment, with upto 50% OFF selected lines.

A selection of artists currently on offer includes Bon Jovi, Girls Aloud, U2, The Police, Stevie Wonder and many more.

Grab them whilst you can!

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